I love the point before my travels when the whole adventure starts to feel real. In the past, the process of exchanging money at the bank has been a factor. Something about leaving the building with an envelope of crisp, clean bills in foreign currencies sets my imagination in action. While there will be no need for such a trip this time around, anticipation floods my mind regardless as I sip on an americano, soothed by the background hum of a cozy cafe.

This will be my first trip to Québec City, and first return to Ottawa or Montréal since the tender young age of 22. I made my first trip east as a baby-faced prairie girl just shy of 19- a trip that expanded the horizons of my narrow upbringing just a little bit wider as I ordered crêpes et bière en français, conversed with locals about about their love for their pays, and surreptitiously drank wine from a coffee tumbler with friends at the iconic Parc Mont-Royal.

I couldn’t have imagined the path my life would take – the travels, the learning opportunities, the friendships and relationships that have shaped me in the decade since. As an escort, I enjoy a tremendous amount of autonomy and personal freedom, and the accompanying self-doubt and insecurity that comes with being an independent contractor of any stripe. Despite the drawbacks, I love having the agency to travel when and where I choose.

What will I see, taste, experience, feel this time around? As a highly sensual woman, I am keen to delve into Montréal’s finest brewpubs, delis, cafes, restaurants and cocktail bars. Dinner dates are a highly appealing prospect- please invite me along to dine and drink with you. If there’s one thing I have in abundance, it’s a genuine joie de vivre!

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