Of course, sex workers being dehumanized and valued purely for their physical attributes is nothing new. The worst clients have ignored the humanity of sex workers for a very long time. I’ve encountered it before, but a recent uptick has me frustrated. Prospective clients contact me, get pushy and impatient, and ultimately back out, telling me that there’s ‘plenty of kitty out there’ or ‘no pussy is worth that much’ (this despite the fact that they’ve been referred to my website, with my rates posted, so there’s no reason to be suddenly surprised by this information!)

Physical connection and intimacy is at the heart of everything I do with clients, but it goes so much deeper than that. It’s not just my sultry bedroom eyes – it’s the mischievous attitude and dirty thoughts behind them. It’s not just the curve of my hips – it’s the hours enjoyed at the gym that create it. It’s not just the sexy noises I make when I’m enjoying myself- it’s the history of exploration and pleasure that allows me to know my own body.

I am much more than just a body- I am the sum total of an entire lifetime’s worth of experiences, interactions, aspirations, efforts, and personal growth. When you value my mind, my sense of humour, my inherent curiosity, and all the little things that make me tick, you will be much closer to understanding me. And when you get to that point, you are sure to have a better time- with me, or with any escort who shares her time and energy with you! Don’t let that go to waste 🙂

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