The idea came to me while folding a pile of soft, warm sheets and towels. I love this task, and I love my decision to become a companion! Why? Let me tell you – in this playful yet serious list.


• I fully live in the moment during novel experiences- taking me to an Ethiopian restaurant? A nude interpretive dance event? I’m interested, I’m paying attention and all my senses are engaged.


• I genuinely enjoy doing laundry – folding warm, fresh sheets and towels in particular!


• Rather than focus my learning energies on one or two passions, I’ve dabbled in many – meaning I can engage in just about any topic. In addition, I have an intellectual honesty and innate curiosity. This leads me to admit my ignorance, ask thoughtful questions and continue to learn and grow.


• On that note, I don’t pretend to be something I’m not. What you see is what you get – a somewhat more glammed-up version of who I am around my family and closest friends. I’m an open, warm-hearted soul, and my goal is to put you at ease and make you smile.


• I was blessed with an even skin tone, so I’m still going to look good with no makeup in the morning 😉


• As an omnivorous, adventurous eater, I’ll enjoy just about any dinner date. Be it a hole-in-the-wall Vietnamese establishment with the best pho in the city or a highly innovative fusion restaurant – let’s see that menu.


• Seoul, São Paolo or Sofia? I adore the opportunity to travel, and would love to accompany you on your next trip. As long as you allow me some solo time to recharge pursue my own adventures, I’ll be grateful to join you.


• I’m an experienced traveler. No hefty luggage or TSA holdups for me – I pack light, pack smart and still manage to look cute in every situation.


• There’s no time like the present. Whether it’s in my home base of Winnipeg or some far-flung destination we’ve both only dreamed of, how can I make your life better?

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