Hello my loves! I am happy to announce that I will be (carefully) resuming in-person bookings beginning July 2nd.

As always, myself and the colleagues I share a workspace with have a commitment to our health, and yours. Our incall space, always clean and tidy, will now be more thoroughly cleaned between bookings. High-contact surfaces will be sanitized frequently.

As for myself, I am currently self-isolating after returning from overseas. After my isolation is done, I will continue to minimize my risk of covid-19 exposure in ways that I can, while recognizing that Manitoba has very few active cases, the risk is low, and there’s no need to completely halt all socializing or activities away from home.

Therefore, I will be accepting a limited number of bookings; up to a few per week. A minimum of 1 hour applies, and priority will be given to previous clients. The day before our date, I will be asking you about your recent activities, amount of close contact with people not in your household, and overall risk status.

For both our well-being, I will not be offering kissing or other close face-to-face contact. If you would feel more comfortable wearing a mask, and/or you would like me to, I am happy to oblige. Please bring your own mask in this case, either disposable or a clean cloth mask. I will have a personal mask available as well. Please note that these are my current safety practices, which may evolve as the situation continues to. I will do my best to keep this post updated, but don’t hesitate to check with me directly.

If you would like to connect but don’t feel comfortable with a more intimate booking, social dates are an option! My social rate is $120 an hour, with discounted rates available for longer bookings. Let’s catch up over a coffee and sweet treat, or get to know each other over a delightful meal.

If you’ve read this thoroughly, please let me know your favourite summer fruit(s). Mine are nectarines, mangoes and raspberries! Looking forward to meeting soon xx

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