Fantasizing about enjoying two women at once? Please, book a duo with one of my friends and pay us to make out with each other (and more!) 😉



Freya Rose


Dominant & fetish companion

“There are no one-size-fits-all scenes, no one true way, and no universal rules for being dominant or submissive. There is only the unique intensity and intimacy we will create together, through communication, vulnerability, release and power exchange. What do you want to experience?”


“Charismatic, powerful and alluring is how most people would describe me. I love tease, please and torment… my lush curves and delicious lips are a visual feast for your eyes, and my firm touch will have you begging for more, as your toes curl and your body quivers with desire.”

Carmen Blackwood


Andre Lorelei (Vancouver)


Kink & sensual massage

“As you stretch out and relax you can turn your attentions to my seductive, toned body while I give my complete attention to you. Feel all your cares slip away as I use my soft hands to massage away your tension and tend to your every desire. Your eyes will wander over my feminine beauty and soft curves as I first relax and then excite you, taking you through delicious stages of pleasure and satisfaction.”

Kink & sensual massage

“Making you feel good makes me feel good, and my creative, curious mind, strong hands, and toned body provide all the tools for ensuring you feel relaxed, sated, and deeply satisfied. I offer: toys, hands, and fists (if you can handle it).”